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Cold leaks are the hardest to find. With the truck ice cold, you can try pressure testing, but usually the hoses swell up under pressure and seal the leak like when it is warmed up.- give it a try though. Pouring in some a/c dye into the radiator might turn something up, but it takes a whole bottle to do it.

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Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 8, 2021. I have a constant drip coming from rear drivers side of engine i used my klein camera to locate the leak it seems to be coming from the coolant temp sensor but was not sure if the leak.

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Removing the cap from the reservoir released this pressure (there was audible air escaping) and I was able to squeeze the upper rad hose. Added about 3/4L of coolant again. Fired it up, no warnings. Pulled oil cap, set it on top, no blowby. New to this engine, and not sure where to start.

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